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Our extensive range is well designed, sturdy and UV-stabilised and carries a 12-month guarantee.

BP1 Wheel and Axle Set

BP2 Flexi Head Brush Set

BP3 All Brush - Head Brush set with screws

BP4 Cam Set

BP6 Outerlock Fittings

BP7 Leaf Rake Bags Standard and Deluxe

BP8 Spa Rake Bag

BP9 Leaf Skimmer Nets Deluxe

BP11 Tablet Dispenser Lids

BP14 Plastic Bolt and Nut

BP15 Large Spring Clips

BP16 Handle Brackets

SG Multiport Valve Gasket (Spoked)

BP17 Power Broom Adaptor

Replacement Test Vial Test Kits

SG Multiport Valve Gasket

EY1 White Eyeball

" Strong and lightweight

" Made from high quality UV stabilized plastics

BU1 Buffer

BP1 Bolt with Plug

FL1 Flange

BP19 Resuscitation Chart (40cmx55cm)

Pool returns

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Our new look.

In July, we will launch our fresh, new look packaging which you'll see with your next order. However, some things never change, and that's our promise to deliver products that are well designed, sturdy and UV-stabilised, with a 12-month guarantee.