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Our extensive range is well designed, sturdy and UV-stabilised and carries a 12-month guarantee.

PB1 18" 45cm Broom Curved Nylon Bristle

PB2 18" 45cm Broom Curved Polybristle

SB2 9" 22cm Broom Straight Nylon Bristle

PC1 18" 45cm Broom Curved Pebble Crete

PC2 9" 22cm Broom Pebble Crete

SS1 9" 22cm Algae Brush-316 Stainless Steel

SS2 5-3/4" 15cm Algae Brush-316 Stainless Steel

PB4 18" 45cm Power Broom Nylon Bristle

PB5 18" 45cm Power Broom Pebble Crete

BP17 Power Broom Adaptor

CB1 Corner Brush

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Our new look.

In July, we will launch our fresh, new look packaging which you'll see with your next order. However, some things never change, and that's our promise to deliver products that are well designed, sturdy and UV-stabilised, with a 12-month guarantee.